Eventually we here at Strainfind plan to open our own studio to produce creative, entertaining, and educative video content. Until then we have scoured the internet to find the best YouTube videos around for all of the following topics you may be interested in. Contact us today if you have a suggestion for videos that you would like to see.


To get this wonderful medicine, as you know it all has to be grown first which is the hard part for some people if they do not know what they are doing. There is a reason why the marijuana in third world countries looks like actual hay and that is because they are a. not educated on growing and b. do not have the proper nutrients, and good soil to grow a suitable plant for not only smoking, but making essential oils. Here on Strainfind we hope that our video section can teach you a thing or two from time to time.

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Here you will find videos relating to concentrate. Whether it be BHO in the form of budder/wax, shatter, or glue which all need solvents to get the final product. There are two other types of concentrate however: 1-5 star bubble hash from shaking buds over a screen and collecting the trichomes, and rosin, a process that was discovered by a man that goes by “soilgrown” . The rosin process includes squashing a bud in between 2 heated plates for a certain period of time to release the essential oils of the bud without solvent. (hair straightener/hydraulic press)

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We are not huge on the edibles here at Strainfind, but we will surely post a ton of videos on it for you all that come to this site!!

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Vice makes some of the best documentaries not only in the world of marijuana, but for all different topics, and we love the videos they push out here on Find the selection of these videos by clicking the link below. Out of respect, the link to their channel can be found here

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From Snoop Dogg to Willie Nelson, we have seen a lot of celebrities over the years that have posted hilarious videos on marijuana which we will be sure to show, but what is also funny is the people that you have no clue would smoke marijuana who post videos on it, from Martha Stewart to other prominent figures.

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