New Hampshire (NH) Medical Marijuana Laws

House Bill 573, legalizing medical use of marijuana, was signed into law on July 23, 2013. The law authorizes the creation of four marijuana production and dispensing facilities, which will be the only source of legal medical cannabis. Check back for more details once the law is enacted (possession of marijuana for medical purposes remains illegal until this occurs, estimated to be sometime in 2015).

  • Illnesses: Cancer; glaucoma; HIV/AIDS; hepatitis C; muscular distrophy; Crohn’s disease; multiple sclerosis; traumatic brain injuries; agitation of Alzheimer’s disease; other illnesses and conditions that cause serious symptoms known to be relieved through the use of cannabis.
  • Possession: Up to two ounces
  • Cultivation: Not permitted
  • Dispensaries: Cannabis to be produced and distributed through four state-sanctioned facilities
  • Physician’s Approval: Patient must obtain recommendation from a physician with which he/she has had a medical relationship for more than three months.