Sativa Marijuana Strains and Edibles

Sativa Marijuana Strains have plants that can grow up to 18-20 feet tall but on average they will stay around 7-10 feet. Sativa Cannabis Strains have light green leaves that are long and thin. The high from sativa strains is uplifting and energetic. That means that Sativa strains are best used in the daytime and can be very useful for pain.

Below you will find all of the Sativa Marijuana Strains added here on organized in a alphabetical order for the easiest browsing experience possible.


Alaskan Thunder Fuck   Acapulco Gold   Alaskan Ice   Alice in Wonderland

Allen Wrench   Aloha   Amnesia   Amnesia Haze

Arjan’s Strawberry Haze   Arjan’s Ultra Haze   Asian Factory


Bay 11   Bay Dream   Berkeley   Black Diesel

Blackberry Haze   Blackberry Lime Haze   Blue Satellite   Brainstorm Haze

Buddha Haze


Candy Jack   Candyland   Cannalope Haze   Casey Jones

Cat Piss   Charlotte’s Web   Chocolate Kush   Chocolate Thai

Chocolope   Cinex   Columbian Gold   Cracker Jack


Dirty Girl   Double Diesel   Dutch Dragon   SATIVAdurbanpoison

Dutch Hawaiian


East Coast Sour Diesel   Emerald Jack   Euphoria


Fire Haze   Frostbite


Galactic Jack  Ghost Train Haze  Great White Shark  Green Candy

Green Crack  Green Crack Extreme  Green Goblin  Green Haze


Harlequin   Hawaiian   Hawaiian Haze   Hawaiian Snow

Haze   Hempstar


Island Sweet Skunk


J-27   Jack Herer   Jack Diesel   Jack Skellington

Jack the Ripper   Jack’s Cleaner   Jesus OG


Kali Mist   Killing Fields   King’s Bread


Lemon Haze   Lamb’s Bread   Laughing Buddha   Lemon G

Lemon Jack   Lemon Haze   Love Potion #1


Mako Haze   Malawi   SATIVAmangodream   SATIVAmangohaze

matanuskathunderfuck   maui   mauiwaui   mobydick



nevilleshaze   nursejackie


OCD   outerspace


Sour Diesel   Super Silver Haze

T-Z Being Added Daily