About Us

What is StrainFind.com?

StrainFind.com is a online tool for all things marijuana. We have been around since 2015 and aim to give our users the absolute largest and most accurate informational database related to cannabis on the internet.

Our Team

Strainfind.com is owned and operated by 2 medical marijuana entrepreneurs out of Central Maine. Jeff Witt (the technical guru of the team) runs the day to day operations of the website and all related online materials. Don Poulin (Co-Owner) is on the front-lines of the cannabis industry as a notable influencer and consultant to some of the most prominent growers in the State of Maine. He is a highly regarded proponent in the Maine Medical Marijuana movement and member of the MMCM. Our third team member DHB420 is our Head Author, and is always pushing out quality materials through the popular Strainfind Blog, and through the Strainfind.com Facebook Page .

Medical Marijuana Strains

StrainFind.com has information on indica, sativa and hybrid medical marijuana strains, and are always adding new strains on the site. On each strain page you will find the following:

  • Lineage: The parents of the strain or where the originates from.
  • THC/CBD Level: The percentage of THC & CBD in the strain. THC is what gets you high. CBD holds mostly medicinal value.
  • Effects: How the strain makes you feel. (examples: aroused, creative, euphoric, hungry, sleepy)
  • Medicinal Usages: What medical conditions the strain can be used for. (examples: anxiety, depression, pain, stress)
  • Flavor: What the strain tastes like.
  • Flowering Period: How long the plant takes to reach full flower. (completion)

Medical Marijuana Doctors

If you are looking to get your medical marijuana card in the State you live in, we here at StrainFind.com can assist you with that. We aim to provide a website where users can find all of the best most compassionate medical marijuana doctors in their area.

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Medical Marijuana Caregivers

If you already have a medical marijuana card and do not plan on going to a dispensary then you will need to find a caregiver, and we here at StrainFind.com can assist you with that. Here on StrainFind.com you can find all of the most professional and proven licensed medical marijuana caregivers in your area. We will not list any caregiver that is not vetted to make sure that caregiver is fully proficient.

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Marijuana Laws

It is extremely important that you know all of the marijuana laws for your specific state. Here at StrainFind.com we have put together a list of all of the laws and statutes for each medical marijuana licensed state, as well as an in depth look at how and when the program started.

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